Title - When I Get Too Old To Dream
Director - Dan Kolencik
Year - 2019
Run Time - 00:03:45

Technical Specs:

Camera - Apple iPhone 6s
Stabilisation - None
Sound Rec. Device - Apple iPhone 6s
Light - Available Light
Editing Software: iMovie [Inc Titles and Subtitles]

Directors Statement:

    During a six month period, I worked in a small aged care home in Tasmania. It was perhaps the hardest period of work in my life. I spent so many of my waking hours in the rooms and corridors and dining rooms of this facility. I couldn’t quite describe or explain exactly why I found it so hard to spend time there. Something haunted me about how people were sitting in rooms, pleasantly at times, and other times confused or nostalgic or regretful. I made particular friends with three women, each one handling their later years differently. They spoke about their lives of unpaid domestic work, raising many children, and yet still spending the last stage of their life often alone. I also saw the dark workings of the Australian aged care system, whose funding model is so completely broken that at times I was asked to provide regular [Physio] therapy to a severely confused patient that was unable to consent, all so that the facility could claim additional funding. I would instead help to settle them down by chatting about where they were or what day it was, or we would go for a walk outside. The constant daytime television and mainstream newspapers were so pacifying, I started to feel like I was catching something. But then I thought about how some of the people were happy there, they were happy with their simple, stable, predictable lives. Or were they just being positive about the only choice that was given to them?

~ D Kolencik

Too Much World lends its name and is inspired by e-flux Journal #49 Too Much World: Is the Internet Dead? by Hito Steyerl, published November 2013 by e-flux Journal and Hito Steyerl. See www.e-flux.com/journal/49/60004/too-much-world-is-the-internet-dead/.

Too Much World recognises the Dead End Film Festival as it’s antecedent project in it’s propelling and platforming of resourceful cinema, here in Narrm. Please visit deff.tv to discover more resourceful titles.

Too Much World was Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.


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